Our Leadership
Pastor, Adrian Scott

My life began in the state of Ohio to two great parents, Charles and Elaine Scott. I am the middle child of a total of (8) kids, and to put it succinctly, I wouldn’t trade my upbringing with anyone. Growing up, my parents were great providers and parents who knew the value of hard work and the importance of having personal integrity.

My father was a bi-professional pastor for most of his ministerial life and my mother worked as an accountant/bookkeeper up until the last month of her life. Church was our life. We were heavily involved in many church ministries and activities, so therefore, my friends were children and later young adults of adult members of our local church.

I married my spouse, Cynthia E. Harris over thirty-three years ago, and I can honestly say there is never a day that passes that I don’t realize how blessed I am to be married to her and to have such a great life together! Together we have made (3) major relocations during our marriage, and I can honestly say, God has confirmed in a multitude of ways that with each one, the Spirit of God was leading us. Cynthia and I have one son, Karl who is married to his beautiful wife Debby and together they have three children. My daughter, Heather, is married to Brian, and they also have three children. We love being grandparents, but wish our grandchildren lived much closer!

In addition to being parents and grandparents, three years ago Cynthia and I made the decision to become International Foster Care parents, and until very recently we had a very busy household with our (5) foster sons residing with us. Three of the boys are from the continent of Africa, while our other two boys are from Burma/Myanmar on the continent of Asia. We both have enjoyed the challenges yet rewarding work as foster parents.

Being called to St. John CPC has been a great joy. Our congregation is a very loving group of diverse individuals and families. St. John is a congregation that was founded over one hundred twenty-four years ago! She has ministered in the Lake Arlington area of Arlington, TX during depressions, wars, cultural shifts and changes in our city due to the expansion and growth of the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth/Arlington metroplex. We are excited about the potential and great opportunity for continued growth of our multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-generational congregation!

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